Designing a healthier and brighter future with wearable technology RP392


As devices get smaller and integrate better with mobile technology, the wearable technology market is growing at an astonishing rate. The opportunities for innovation and problem solving are plentiful, with varied career paths open to young people. Growing evidence reports that female students involved in making and using wearables become more engaged with computing and see the personal relevance of the subject. This CPD, linked closely to the KS3 computing curriculum, brings teachers of computing right up to date in this exciting field.


  • learn about the hardware and systems that are used for wearable devices and their transmission of data, including those that can be easily worked with in the classroom
  • develop your ability to run project work which solves engaging problems, of high relevance to your students, with wearable technology
  • become familiar with common technologies and their programming platforms, used for active learning around this topic
  • practise structured learning approaches founded in the engineering design process that will expand your pedagogical toolkit.

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