Measuring impact and gaining recognition - STEM Club Workshop GX004

The workshops purpose is to provide club leaders, both new and experienced, with an understanding of why monitoring impact is important and how it can benefit the club and those involved. The workshop session will enable club leaders to explore impact monitoring methodology, how to gather and present evidence and how to use it refine the STEM Club to better meet the needs of the students and the school.


The workshop will enable club leaders to gain insight into impact measurement, experience of using impact toolkits, how to create measurement tools and how to gain recognition for the club and students. The workshop is aimed at secondary schools, Sixth Form and FE colleges across England with KS3, KS4 and KS5 provision. Designed as an online course it will take place across multiple sessions: Session 1: 1 hour interactive session, Session 2: Self-learning tasks and Session 3: 1 hour interactive session. The workshop includes practical activities, opportunities to network and the sharing of best practice. The workshop explores the following topics: 


  • the importance of successful and thriving clubs and the role they play in supporting students attainment
  • evaluating how STEM clubs are viewed abroad and the lessons we can learn from their methodology  
  • understanding why measuring impact is important and the evidence that supports the value STEM Clubs bring to students, teachers and the school
  • reviewing the value of the Science Capital approach and how to maximise it within the club 
  • the benefits of sharing impact and recognition and how to use the evidence to support the schools STEM agenda and gain support from senior leadership, colleagues, parents, local industry etc. 
  • investigating the different types of  methodology and tools and when to use them
  • how to use the STEM Clubs student attitudinal survey impact toolkit and the ESERO-UK Space Education quality Mark
  • exploring how clubs can gain recognition through award schemes, competitions, showcasing the club and digital badging 



By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • increase understanding of the importance of impact evaluation and the gathering of evidence to support the positive impact a STEM Club has on student understanding and enjoyment of STEM subjects, student attainment and student STEM identity
  • enhanced understanding of Science Capital and how this methodology is used within a STEM Club, helping to enhance curricular delivery
  • develop ability to run impact evaluation trials within the STEM club, utilising impact toolkits and student evaluation tools
  • increased understanding of rewarding student achievement, gaining recognition for the club and the methodologies that can be implemented
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