Bringing Cutting Edge Research into the Classroom: Drug Development and Discoveries RP468


Thanks to funding and support from Research Councils UK, the Bringing Cutting Edge Research into the Classroom programme has been created with leading scientists to support the teaching of STEM subjects at GCSE and A level, delivered via the National Science Learning Network, working in partnership with leading researchers at the cutting edge of contemporary science. 

There are 22 course themes, within which a variety of specific course topics will be scheduled as individual courses.  These are available across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales and are scheduled dependent upon researcher availability. In each course a scientist works alongside a course tutor, to explain recent advances and provide an insight into their own current research, linking cutting edge science with today’s classroom.

Drug Development and Discoveries - Cancer is the most common cause of death throughout all age groups. In order to combat cancer and other diseases such as Ebola, AIDS, Parkinson’s and heart disease or conditions such as dementia, it is essential to understand the mitigating factors and underlying biology.

In this course you will look at cutting edge developments in medicine such as the synthesis routes of new drugs, regenerative medicine and antimicrobial resistance.  You may also discuss some of the ethical issues surrounding drug development and consider the potential impact on the real world.



Participants will be able to:

  • develop and update their knowledge by engaging with scientists involved in cutting edge research
  • use authentic contexts for the effective delivery of science content, and to deepen understanding of how science works, including controversies and ethical issues
  • engage with active and inspiring teaching approaches and learning activities

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