Managing behaviour for learning NE700

Develop your approach to managing behaviour by building trust and positive relationships with students through this online course for all teachers.


This online course will help you to be proactive about encouraging good behaviour in your classroom and in responding calmly to poor behaviour. 

This is a practical course. We will not delve deeply into theory of behaviour, but will focus on what you need to know to manage and improve the behaviour of your learners, and to re-establish rules and routines.

We will look at working at the sharp end - how to survive and thrive in difficult environments. Even if you are not in this situation at the moment, the emphasis you need to have on calm consistent practice in this environment is good practice in every school.

You’ll learn how to take control, build positive relationships and begin teaching your students the self-discipline they need for effective learning.


“Absolutely fantastic and I would recommend this course to all teachers, regardless of how experienced they are”  Participant, UK.

“Brilliant step by step examples and ideas to try out in the classroom that really worked.”  Participant, UK

Who is it for?

This course is for teachers, teaching assistants, supply teachers, newly qualified teachers, trainee teachers and others involved in the education of young people at primary, secondary or further education (ages 5-19 years).

What topics are covered?

This course covers:
  • develop strategies for role Modelling emotional control
  • using icons to teach or re-establish essential routines
  • strategies for embedding rules and routines
  • strategies for acknowledging positive behaviour
  • public praise or private praise?
  • giving direction through micro-instructions
  • intelligent use of recognition to motivate students: the importance of importance
  • decelerating student’s poor behaviour: examples of light touch interventions
  • consider the benefits of ‘scripted interventions’

How will you learn?

This course is not facilitated. You can learn independently or with colleagues to directly address your individual needs.

How long is this course?

This course takes around 15 hours to complete and you do not need to be online at any specific time. You can take the course at your own pace.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • assess how your own behaviour influences the behaviour of your students
  • apply rules and routines to achieve consistency
  • apply recognition intelligently to motivate students
  • demonstrate how to reduce friction when students behave badly
  • develop reparation and restorative practice



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