STEM Technicians Festival NY637

This newly designed STEM festival will be enjoyable, entertaining and full of STEM knowledge for everyone who attends.


This festival is for all school technicians to enjoy new aspects of science, technology and engineering in an amazing environment by presenters who are passionate about their subject.  Over the day you will experience hands on workshops and listen and engage with presenters who have an expertise in their field. Also in attendance will be some fantastic scientific suppliers, who are always great to discuss and share ideas with.

Our keynote speaker is Tom McLeish FRS, Professor of Natural Philosophy at the University of York Department of Physics, member of the University of York Centre for Medieval Studies and Humanities Research Centre, and Chair of the Royal Society Education Committee.  Professor McLeish's talk will be ‘technicians in medieval times’.

One of the headliners is Dr Andrea Mapplebeck, who will be creating scientific fun with 40 experiments based on a well-known cola drink. In this session technicians will be able to learn about simple but effective experiments which encourage students to look at everyday objects in a scientific way.

Presenting at the festival will be Angie Ridout, Chief Science Technician and STEM club Coordinator, who will run a session on STEM clubs activities which will help any technician who wants to create or support a STEM club in their school.

The festival will also have biology and chemistry workshops. Joanne Buckley, who has worked with the BBC, local radio and The Times, is going to do a session on Food Science and will demonstrate some weird and wonderful facts about edible chemistry. This should be useful to D&T technicians.

A variety of speakers from the University of York will be speaking about their work and how it will affect STEM subjects in the future. Engineering workshops are another focus of the festival, where technicians can learn about 3D printing and an aerodynamics workshop by Dr Nicholas M Bojdo from Manchester University.

This newly designed STEM festival, will be enjoyable, entertaining and full of STEM knowledge for everyone who attends.

It's not just workshops, not just a conference, it's a FESTIVAL!


You will be able to:

  • develop your knowledge to build on your existing technician skills
  • gain knowledge through scientific speakers
  • take back to school concepts of relevant scientific theories which can relate to teachers and students
  • consider science subjects and experience technology and engineering workshops or talks.

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