Technology makerspace NS224

Develop your skills in laser cutting, 3D printing, sublimation printing and vinyl cutting.


Our Technology makerspace course has been developed specifically for technology teachers and technicians who wish to learn and develop skills in the following areas; laser cutting, 3D printing, sublimation printing and vinyl cutting. These skills are essential for anyone wishing to introduce some of these newer technologies into the classroom.

Learn how to set up and use laser cutters, 3D printers, vinyl cutters and sublimation printing equipment. Discover ways in which this equipment can be used within your classroom and specific educational Health and Safety regulations.

This course is ideal for teachers and technicians with no prior experience of any the outline equipment.

Participants will have the opportunity to use each piece of equipment using basic software to produce designs, setting up the equipment and how to maintain them for efficient use. Each delegate will produce a completed personalised project at each machine. All practical work will be supported by demonstrations, group work and one to one tutoring.

There will opportunities for professional networking and participants will be offered a rich and vibrant programme that will allow them to enhance the teaching and learning within their institutions.

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