Safety in microbiology for schools NS202


The course offered here has been trialed and rated by the Scottish Qualification Authority within the Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework. Microbiology for Schools is a practical course with associated written and practical assessments.  In addition, attendance and completion of this courses will enable attendees to obtain a qualification which has been credit levelled and rated by the Scottish Qualification Authority.

For preparation and disposal of materials for microbiology work at level 2 technicians or teachers must be trained to level 3 in order to carry out a range of tasks.  The purpose of this course is to ensure that staff are adequately trained to ensure safe working practices within schools are implemented.

To apply for this course please contact SSERC directly ( who will forward you the necessary information. Shortly after the closing date for applications the Administration Team at SSERC will send to successful applicants:

  • confirmation of an offer of a place on the course together with details on enrolment procedures
  • information on ENTHUSE funding and how to apply for such a subsidy
  • a set of terms and conditions which you must meet in order to qualify for an ENTHUSE subsidy

If you are a supply teacher you may still qualify for an ENTHUSE subsidy – please contact SSERC to establish your eligibility.

Who is it for?

Science technicians and teachers of biology

What topics are covered?

Management of incidents of spillage. Preparation of sterile media and sterile equipment.  Sterilisation and disposal of cultures. Sterilisation of used equipment.Preparation of cultures for class use. Order, receipt, labelling and storage of cultures. Maintenance of stock sub-cultures. Sampling from bioreactors.Staining techniques including Gram’s

How will you learn?

Face to face 

How long is this course?

3 days, plus self study.  Total 25 hours

Course Leaders

Kate Andrews


You will be able to:

  • demonstrate that you can carry out microbiological procedures to Level 3 and have knowledge of the relevant H & S requirements
  • demonstrate that you can carry out the required procedures in preparing materials for class use and have knowledge of the relevant H & S requirements




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