Planning for learning in STEM teaching NE710

Improve your planning and tailor activities to create assessment and feedback opportunities for your students with this online course.


Learn how to plan your teaching to include ways to unpick your students' understanding and produce evidence to progress learning in a dynamic fashion. Led by experts in assessment for learning Dylan Wiliam, Chris Harrison and Andrea Mapplebeck.

We'll start by introducing formative assessment as a means for collecting evidence to tailor student learning. We'll look at identifying students’ starting points before exploring ways to tune teaching approaches and techniques for responding to student learning. Finally we look at medium term planning and planning with colleagues.

This course is aimed at science and mathematics teachers across all phases.

Participants will not need to have any prior experience other than planning for and facilitating lessons that they themselves teach. To maximise your learning and results, we recommend participating in the first course in the STEM Teaching program, Assessment for Learning.


You will be able to:

  • explain how evidence-based practices suggest teachers should use formative assessment in a purposeful way
  • identify students' starting points and how to plan to move them forward successfully
  • demonstrate how to make evidence informed judgements about your students
  • apply a range of approaches to respond and adapt teaching during and in between lessons
  • develop your planning for flexibility and evidence collecting opportunities (including addressing difficult areas and misconceptions)
  • evaluate when and how students will consolidate or move forward their understanding across a sequence of lessons

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