Fabrication skills NS222

Develop the skills needed to successfully deliver metalworking activities through a series of professional demonstrations and practical tasks.


Fabrication Skills is the second part of a modular course focusing on developing practical skills. These skills are required by teachers and technicians for the successful delivery of metalworking craft activities and aspects of the SQA practical metalworking course.

The course will allow technicians and teachers to gain confidence and skills in using equipment such as folding machines, guillotines and spot welders.

Each participant will complete at least one finished project and a range of demonstration pieces which will develop skills in marking out, cutting, shaping and forming sheet metal artefacts in a safe manner.

Practical work will be supported by demonstrations and presentations covering the theory of correct tool selection, use and care.

There will opportunities for professional networking and participants will be offered a rich and vibrant programme that will allow them to enhance the teaching and learning within their institutions.


Participants will be able to:

  • work with a range of basic sheet metalwork hand tools
  • prepare and properly mark out sheet metal
  • demonstrate how to cut sheet metal using guillotine and notcher equipment
  • demonstrate how to form sheet metal using benders and rollers in to various shapes
  • set up and perform spot welding operations safely
  • develop skills and knowledge of safe working practices


To apply for this course please contact SSERC directly (enquiries@sserc.org.uk) who will forward you the necessary information. Shortly after the published closing date for applications the Administration Team at SSERC will send to successful applicants:

  • confirmation of an offer of a place on the course together with details on enrolment procedures
  • information on ENTHUSE bursary and how to apply for such a bursary
  • a set of terms and conditions which you must meet in order to qualify for an ENTHUSE bursary

If you are a supply teacher you may still qualify for an ENTHUSE bursary – please contact SSERC to establish your eligibility


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