CLEAPSS: Microbiiology for technicians RA629


Do you lack confidence/experience in providing for school microbiology? This intensive course covers all the essentials of H&S and aseptic technique that are necessary for safe and effective KS3, GCSE and A level microbiology practicals. The course is entirely “hands on” so you will gain confidence as you practice the skills during the day. At the end of the course you can take away the cultures and plates you have made, to watch them develop.


  • H&S aspects to comply with the COSHH regulations
  • Skills required for provision of safe equipment and materials
  • Safety aspects when culturing unknown environmental microbes
  • Safe sub-culturing of microbes for student use in lessons
  • Dealing with spillages and contaminated materials
  • Ideas for safe and successful practical activities
  • Disposal

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