UK CanSat competition teacher workshop SY200

UK CanSat Competition teacher workshop. Learn how to construct and code a CanSat kit and take part in this year's competition.


Before attending the workshop teachers must have entered a team into the competition here:

The UK CanSat competition provides students with the opportunity to have practical experience working on a small-scale space project. Aimed at school and college students over the age of 14, CanSat is a European Space Agency competition.

The CanSat competition offers a unique opportunity for students to have their first practical experience of a real space project. They are responsible for all aspects: selecting the mission objectives, designing the CanSat, integrating the components, testing, preparing for launch and then analysing the data. 

ESERO-UK organises an annual UK CanSat competition, the winner of which will be invited to compete in the European CanSat competition. The competition is open to teams from any school or college in the UK. Team members must be over the age of 14 at the time of the competition. 

This workshop is aimed at teachers who have entered a team into the competition. The day will include an overview of the competition and teachers will be able to build and code example CanSat kits.  All teachers new to CanSat must take part in introductory CPD to enable teams to participate. During the workshop teachers will be provided with the basic components of the CanSat to work on.


Participants will be able to:

  • understand the requirements for the competition
  • integrate and test electronic components of the CanSat kit
  • write basic programs in Arduino or Python to record data and communicate via radio 
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