Teaching the new science curriculum: physics NE703

Education is about inspiring children to pursue passions as much as teaching them. Within this Physics CPD course you’ll discover more than simply what it takes to teach children within the new science curriculum - you’ll discover the means and methods to inspire them. Join this course at any time.


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Adam Little is a Professional Development Leader for Physics at the National STEM Learning Centre, and leads this course on teaching physics at Key Stage 4 for non-specialists and early career teachers. He covers the main areas of physics such as energy and radiation, and practical advice on engaging demonstrations, practical work and ways to make your teaching outstanding.


The starting point taken is the developments in GCSE courses leading to the introduction of the new specifications in 2016 - looking at recent changes and relating these to some of the fundamental features of the subject.

Subjects covered (and associated themes) are:

  • Energy (Misconceptions)
  • Forces (Recording results)
  • Motion (Using dataloggers)
  • Magnetism (Planning)
  • Matter (Experimental design)
  • Waves (Differentiation)
  • Radiation (Health & Safety and Risk)

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