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Join us for our annual conference for science technicians. Sessions are spread over 5 days days of practical ideas and activities running from 10-11.30 and 12.30-14.00 each day.

All for just £100 per school! 

This conference is included in the North/East Herts, Essex**, Beds & MK Science Technician annual school subscription package. If your school already has a subscription please use your 100% discount code when booking this event. 
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Please note that Technicians from the same school need to register individually.

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Here is an overview of the programme:

OrganisationDateTimeslotTopic FocusOverviewLead Science Technician at the de Ferrers Academy4th DecAM10-11:30KEYNOTE: Part A: A Technicians Personal and Professional DevelopmentPart B: Gaining Professional StatusPart A:"A Technicians Personal and Professional Development: What we can do for ourselves and how others can support us"The talk will cover the current status of the technicians role and why we need to improve the recognition of the work we do and how to raise our profilePart B:"Gaining Professional Status"RSciTech or RSci is a registered mark that recognises the commitment and excellence of Science Technicians in education - we will look at what the application entails and consider the process as part of raising our profile.Philip Harris4th DecPM12:30-2Microscope Maintenance with Philip HarrisJoin the Philip Harris Technical Team for some top tips around maintaining, servicing and repairing school microscopes. Prolong the life of your microscopes and expand your knowledge on the inner workings and their common uses in school.CLEAPSS5th DecAM10-11:30CLEAPSS Health and Safety update and Q&AThis session will explore common H&S queries submitted to the CLEAPSS’ helpline during the year. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions so please come with any H&S concerns you would like addressed by the presenters.Senior Science Technician at Bishop's Hatfield5th DecPM12:45-2:10(note of time change)The Lazy TechnicianWe are all over-worked and time is precious. Do you have time to do the tasks you really enjoy or would make a difference? Or do you simply need breathing time to extract the broom and think about the bigger picture?In this session we will be exploring some of the tasks involved in the role of Science Technician, and share practical ideas and strategies to save time and improve work-flows.I can’t guarantee that there will be no spreadsheets involved.Senior Lecturer in Science Education, University of Brighton6th DecAM10-11:30Moss SafariImagine going on a safari, but in the microscopic world. Ordinary moss is full of animals and plants that are too small to see with the naked eye. On Moss Safari you will learn to identify the ‘Big Five’ animals you can see at low magnifications, along with a whole host of amazing animals and plants. The Big Five includes nematode worms, rotifers, tardigrades, mites and gastroriches.Your guide will be Andy Chandler-Grevatt, who will join us by videolink to lead the live-tour,during which he will point out the amazing organisms that inhabit this microworld, hoping to see as many of the Big Five as possible, along with stories and our current understanding of this mysterious world.This is suitable for teachers at all stages (primary, secondary, post 16), science technicians.Andy will also take questions and support you in running your own Moss Safari at home or at school.Recent feedback from a Moss Safari participant:“The organisation of the event was amazing, creating a "safari" makes the whole concept very exciting (especially for children). The organisms racing around the screen really engaged everyone and the knowledge of each organism and commentary made it feel like a real safari.”More information here about Moss Safari: Learning6th DecPM12:30-2Christmas biologyDid you know that there are many fascinating aspects of biology that are related to Christmas? For example poinsettia plants can be used a ph indicators, or what adaptations some animals have to survive the cold winter? If you are curious about these and other questions, join in my session on Christmas biology.Emilia4Science7th DecAM10-11:30Easy ideas for effective demosideas (biol and chem demos):Steel wool and conservation of massElectrolysis in a capHow to transform a light microscope in a polarised light microscopeObserving honeyPollen in honeyObserving starch granules in bananasObserving plasmolisis in onionsBreckland Scientific7th DecPM12:30-2Show and Tell:Demonstrate a gravity well, laser reflection, ripple tanks, a gyroscope and a session talking about lab glassware.-Using a Ripple Tank for required practical’s and beyond-Refraction and reflection using lasers and water-Principles of gravity and it’s practical applications using a Gravity Well-Discussion on Lab GlasswareThomas Alleyne Academy8th DecAM10-11:30What shall we do at science club this week?Ideas for term long projects, one off sessions, STEM challenges, training and gaining recognition.STEM Learning8th DecPM12:30-2Datalogging at ChristmasCan you believe you can have some fun with datalogging, well you can? I am going to demonstrate some traditional physics practicals with a Christmas theme and using a datalogger to capture data.





Technician Conference Day 104 December 202310:00-14:00Virtual
Technician Conference Day 205 December 202310:00-14:00Virtual
Technician Conference Day 306 December 202310:00-14:00Virtual
Technician Conference Day 407 December 202310:00-14:00Virtual
Technician Conference Day 508 December 202310:00-14:00Virtual
Follow up task08 December 202316:00-17:00Virtual




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State-funded school or collegeActivity fee£100.00 +VAT
Fee-paying school or college (independent)Activity fee£200.00 +VAT

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For courses at the National STEM Learning Centre in York, fees include meals and accommodation for the duration of the course. 


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