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31 Dec 23
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This teaching and learning network meetings are designed to cover aspects of teaching that some find most challenging. Suitable for teachers in any area of their career, for those new to the role and those more experienced teachers, this network is made up of 6 sessions.

Why subscribe to the network?

This network will enable you to engage in the latest research and developments in science education and will provide opportunities to collaborate and share best practice with other teachers across the region.


Session 1 – Maths in science. 9.1.24 4-5pm

How can we help learners transfer knowledge between maths and science? What common misconceptions are there in mathematics that can impact on learner understanding in science? This session explores how to support learners with maths in science.

ECT - maths in science | STEM

Session 2 – Adaptive teaching for SEND learners in science. 11.12.23 4-5pm

What will help you to plan learning to meet the needs of all your learners? This network will start to explore how lessons can become more inclusive.

ECT - Adaptive teaching in science | STEM

Session 3 – Disciplinary knowledge in science. 29/1/24 4-5pm

We have spent time sequencing substantive knowledge in the curriculum. This network explores how we can develop disciplinary knowledge over time.

ECT - Disciplinary knowledge in science | STEM

Session 4 – Developing reading in science lessons 4/3/24 4-5pm 

Reading will allow your pupils to understand more science and access assessment. What does effective practice in science lessons look like? This network is an opportunity to explore the research and develop practice.

ECT - developing reading in science | STEM

Session 5 – Retrieval and connecting learning in science. 10/6/24 4-5pm

DNA, retrieval roulette, what does the research say has impact on learning and why? This network will explore the neuroscience and how this can be effectively implemented to help your learners know and remember more in science.

ECT -retrieval & connective learning in Science | STEM

Session 6 – Responsive teaching and next steps. 1/7/24 4-5pm 

How can we use assessment for learning as an effective tool? What do we do if 60% of learners get a whiteboard task wrong? This session looks at how we respond to in classroom assessments to move the learning forward.

ECT responsive teaching session I STEM

What will it cost?

Sign up to each session and it will cost your school £30.00 per session OR sign up to the package for £165.00

There is a teacher release payment available against this network package @ £ 85.00 – meaning this will only cost your school £80.00 for all 6 sessions

 If you need any help with booking please email slpswwm@adfecto.org.uk.


SLP Subscription model31 December 202316:00-17:00Virtual

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State-funded school or collegeActivity fee£165.00 +VAT
Fee-paying school or college (independent)Activity fee£225.00 +VAT

This course still has availability, book now

Additional information

For courses at the National STEM Learning Centre in York, fees include meals and accommodation for the duration of the course. 


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