The Cognitive and Metacognitive Classroom RJ298 / C58

Start date
2 Feb 22
3 Days
Benton Dene Primary School, Hailsham Avenue, Longbenton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE12 8FD View on Google Map


Metacognition is thinking about thinking. It is an increasingly useful mechanism to enhance student learning, both for immediate outcomes and for helping students to understand their own learning processes. 

Encouraging metacognition in the classroom is a way to ensure that your students are learning effectively. This will help them throughout their lives by developing their resilience, memory, self-awareness, reasoning skills and problem solving abilities.

The EEF have identified the role of cognitive and metacognitive strategies as a key aspect of high-quality teaching. This course will explore the meaning of these and how they apply to the teaching of science in first, primary and middle schools.

With reference to CASE, the ideas of Piaget and Vygotsky will be used to highlight how important these strategies are to all aspects of the teaching process: from the planning of lessons to the management of learning within the classroom. 

Day 1 and 3 of this course will include live teaching that will be used to exemplify the key features of the cognitive and metacognitive classroom, with 1 remote learning date to be agreed between participants. 

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Session 102 February 202209:00-15:00Benton Dene Primary School
Session 305 April 202209:00-15:00Benton Dene Primary School

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Fee-paying school or college (independent)Activity fee£800.00 +VAT

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