Leading Primary Computing (Remote) CD456 / E01

Start date
8 Mar 21
10 Hours
Learning Method
Remote Delivered CPD


This course will help new computing coordinators to clarify their role and develop and implement a broad and balanced curriculum. You will learn how best to lead the improvement of computing teaching and learning, and to provide professional support and development to others.
You will develop a detailed action plan to guide the effective use and development of resources, assessment approaches, infrastructure and facilities. By monitoring and communicating impact you will enable yourself and school leadership to accurately understand the strengths of computing in your school, and sustainably plan for improvement.
Who is it for?
Subject leaders in primary computing who are new to the role, or who aspire to move into it. You are expected to have some experience of teaching computing in primary school, and an understanding of the content of the National Curriculum for primary computing.
What topics are covered?
  • 01 | The role of the computing subject leader – Improve understanding of the core role of the subject leader, and recognise variations between schools. Plan to clarify the expectations of the role within one’s own school, working with senior leaders and other stakeholders. Understand the policy role of the subject leader.
  • 02 | Developing an outstanding curriculum – Understand the aims, and the detail, of the National Curriculum for computing and how this can look in practice. Define the intention of your computing curriculum, and develop a curriculum that meets the needs of learners. Consider the support provided to other teachers, enabling the curriculum to be implemented effectively.
  • 03 | Progress and assessment of computing – develop your knowledge of effective assessment practices within computing. Review the expectations for evidence collection taking account of teacher workload and accountability, and learn time-saving ways to evidence progress. Confidently state the case for evidence-based and effective assessment practices in your school, and support other teachers to implement them.
  • 04 | Helping others to teach computing effectively – support other teachers, with confidence, in a range of professional development contexts. Provide resources and practices that can be shared easily and effectively to boost the teaching capability of others
  • 05 | Enriching the computing curriculum – discover a range of computing related extra-curricular and enrichment activities. Consider how you will implement those activities that are most suitable for your school. State the case for enrichment and extension activities which will add value and impact on diverse learners
  • 06 | Managing change - Develop a clear vision and plan to achieve the vision for computing in your school. Apply a range of change management techniques to involve the whole school community. Be confident in developing your role as subject leader, and be aware of a range of high quality resources and technology that can help with teaching the curriculum more effectively.
How will you learn?
Facilitator-led CPD with an experienced subject leader, comparing practice and learning strategies that are based in evidence. Flexible implementation and reflection tasks to establish what works in your own context.
How long is the course?

9.5 hours including live sessions and flexible tasks.

Who is the course leader?


Through this CPD you will:

  • Improve the computing curriculum offer in your school, and be confident in its purpose and vision.
  • Use assessment to better know the strengths of your learners, and know how to adapt teaching to support all children.
  • Develop a passion for computing in your school through a planned enrichment and extra-curricular offer.
  • Know how to resource teaching by you and your colleagues, drawing on quality-assured lesson materials and evidence-based teaching practices
  • Be confident in leading the development of others, helping the whole school to inspire in computing


1 Leading primary computing (remote)08 March 202112:00-13:00Virtual
3 Leading primary computing (remote)10 March 202112:00-13:00Virtual
5 Leading primary computing (remote)12 March 202112:00-13:00Virtual
7 Leading primary computing (remote)16 March 202112:00-13:00Virtual
9 Leading primary computing (remote)19 March 202112:00-13:30Virtual

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