ITT Science Training - 6 session Course RB298 / C152

Start date
15 Jan 21
Learning Method
Remote Delivered CPD


This suite of courses is ideal for secondary and primary ITT students who are looking for supplementary support in their training.  It will also be useful to newly/recently qualified teachers and any students who in the future wish to train as a science teacher but are not able to gain the required work experience in the classroom environment due to covid restrictions.The presentation will provide excellent advice on how to deliver practicals safely in the classroom and science laboratory and how to plan dynamic lessons which captures students’ interest.  The presentations will also give examples of responsive teaching strategies that are effective in the science laboratory with links to useful websites and resources.  Reference will be made to up to date teaching research and examples of strategies that have proven to specifically work in the science classroom to help students retain knowledge and develop their practical skills. If teachers are stuck for ideas on how to deliver exciting science activities in units of work that are often perceived as difficult and less interesting, then these presentations will provide some innovative ideas to help support learning and keep students engaged.


You will:-

  • gain an understanding of the different activities that can take place in a science classroom to engage and motivate students
  • acquire a deeper knowledge of how teachers can assess  and review learning through a range of subject specific activities
  • be able to evaluate and control potential risks in the lab and confidently manage science practicals in the classroom
  • gain ideas of how to deliver and manage ‘alternative style’ practicals in normal classrooms
  • develop an awareness of the importance of language in teaching and learning in science
  • gain an understanding of how to differentiate teaching resources to support low ability learners.
  • become familiar with the big ideas of science and consider how this can be used to design a science curriculum
  • gain ideas of how to teach the more abstract and complicated science ideas using modelling and dual coding strategies


1 An Introduction to Effective Science Teaching15 January 202114:30-15:30Virtual
2 Classroom Management of Science Practical both inside and outside a classroom environment22 January 202114:30-15:30Virtual
3 Overcoming learning barriers in Science29 January 202114:30-15:30Virtual
4 The Big Ideas in Science05 February 202114:30-15:30Virtual
5 Strategies for Effective Learning in the Classroom12 February 202114:30-15:30Virtual
6 Practical Science Ideas for Primary School Lessons26 February 202114:30-15:30Virtual

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State-funded school or collegeActivity fee£100.00 +VAT
Fee-paying school or college (independent)Activity fee£200.00 +VAT

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