Networking with Python: Socket Programming for Communication CO223 / A05

3 Weeks
Learning Method
Online Delivered CPD


On this course, you’ll learn how to create programs that communicate over the internet.

You’ll explore the principles that industry professionals use when programming for networks, and learn how sockets are used to abstract the complexities of the internet.

In the final week, you’ll design and create your own protocol for a networked quiz that you’ll program using Python. This final challenge will help you to consolidate and apply your learning from the course.

To take part in this course, you will need experience in the following areas of programming:

- Using functions, including parameters and returns

- Using multiple data types

- Debugging Python programs

We recommend that you take our Programming 102 course if you are unsure.

It may also be beneficial to have some experience with classes and methods, as described in our Object Oriented Programming course.


You will be able to:

  • Describe the layers of the TCP/IP model
  • Produce Python programs using sockets
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the life cycle of a socket
  • Compare reliable and unreliable communication
  • Develop a protocol of your own
  • Produce programs that use both TCP and UDP
  • Investigate the causes of network errors
  • Describe methods of correcting errors


1 Networking with Python: Socket Programming for Communication01 March 202100:00-00:00Online course

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