Robotics With Raspberry Pi: Build and Program Your First Robot Buggy CO224 / A04

6 Weeks
Learning Method
Online Delivered CPD


On this course from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, you’ll build a robot buggy controlled by a Raspberry Pi.

You’ll start by learning how to connect motors to your Raspberry Pi, and how to write a Python program to control them to move your buggy.

You’ll move on to adding sensors to your robot and writing algorithms that use the inputs from these sensors, giving your robot the ability to follow lines and avoid obstacles.

You’ll examine the wider context of modern robotics, and think about how robotics affects society.

This course is for people with little or no experience with physical computing, who want to create their first robot.

Ideally you should have some basic familiarity with Python, for example from our Programming 101 course.

It is particularly well-suited for teachers delivering lessons at GCSE level or equivalent, who are looking for engaging programming activities for their classrooms


You will be able to:

  • Describe the advantages of using robotics to teach computer science
  • Develop suitable algorithms for your robot depending on the task
  • Discuss different uses of robotics and the components that they may use
  • Produce a robot buggy that can move in particular patterns, avoid obstacles, and follow a line
  • Demonstrate how to control a variety of components using the GPIO Zero Python library


1 Robotics With Raspberry Pi: Build and Program Your First Robot Buggy04 January 202100:00-00:00

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