Technicians supporting: 11 - 19 physics NY606 / B20

Start date
8 Mar 21
3 Days
Learning Method
Remote Delivered CPD


“If it moves, it’s biology. If it smells, it’s chemistry. If it doesn’t work, it’s physics”. This is the old saying that’s mentioned when physics practicals go wrong. This course will dismiss this myth with exciting, engaging, simple physics practicals that always work! On the course participants will explore cost effective ways of making physics practicals happen especially, for the core A level and GCSE practicals.

The sessions will explore practicals to support teaching and learning and the core practical students have to do. Sessions will cover topics for key stage 3, GCSE and A level.The content has been designed to fulfill the physics curriculum for 11 to 19 students and will include topics that will inspire pupils to attain in their physics qualifications. We will fly through light, explore with telescopes, electrify ourselves with energy and forces and watch particles in your own cloud chamber kit.

The course has been developed on five main strands to make sure its relevant to technicians, these five strands include, where to source the equipment, how to set it up, how the practical runs in the classroom, scientific background to the practical and health and safety.

This course will be delivered remotely on the days and times detailed below. To participate in full, you will need to ensure you have dedicated time away from the classroom, as you would if this were a face to face course. We will take regular breaks and structure the content so that it is interactive and impactful. You must attend all sessions in order to receive the bursary, and sessions will not be recorded. For more information on remote delivery, please visit


You will be able to:

  • successfully implement new physics skills and knowledge acquired on the course
  • identify key issues that are essential for effective performance in your role
  • communicate with others to implement safe and effective physics practicals in your school or college
  • prepare physics practicals from a range of sources, to engage students and others.


Technicians supporting: 11 - 19 physics - day 1 - Delivered remotely08 March 202109:30-16:00Virtual
Technicians supporting: 11 - 19 physics - day 2 - Delivered remotely09 March 202109:00-16:00Virtual
Technicians supporting: 11 - 19 physics - day 3 - Delivered remotely10 March 202109:00-16:00Virtual



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