Moving into SCIENCE leadership RX017 / B04

Start date
11 Jun 20
8 Hours
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For teachers who are wanting to take up their first responsibility post and will be leading colleagues perhaps for the first time. This course will provide a range of strategies to support their move into a first area of responsibility within a science department. It will look at: Leadership styles, the difference between leadership and management, what outstanding teaching and learning look like, strategies for monitoring and evaluation, writing a strategic action plan and how best to implement change


You will be able to:

  • employ a range of strategies to lead and manage your team effectively
  • explain what outstanding teaching and learning in science is  
  • evaluate the leadership skills you have and identify areas for further development


1 Moving into SCIENCE leadership11 June 202011:00-12:00Virtual
2 Gap task12 June 202011:00-12:00Virtual
3 Moving into SCIENCE leadership15 June 202011:00-12:00Virtual
4 Gap task16 June 202011:00-12:00Virtual
5Moving into SCIENCE leadership17 June 202011:00-12:00Virtual
6 Gap task18 June 202011:00-12:00Virtual
7 Moving into SCIENCE leadership19 June 202011:00-12:00Virtual
8 Gap task22 June 202011:00-11:00Virtual
Moving into SCIENCE leadership23 June 202011:00-12:00Virtual


This course is fully funded to participants from maintained schools in England. If you are from an independent school or from an organisation outside of England then you will be charged £150.

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Fee-paying school or college (independent)Activity feeFree
State-funded school or collegeActivity feeFree

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For courses at the National STEM Learning Centre in York, fees include meals and accommodation for the duration of the course. 


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