Mouse necropsy, tissue Cut-in and processing practical training course HC518 / G05

Start date
30 Sep 19
2 Days
Medical Research Council Harwell, Harwell Campus, Oxfordshire OX11 0RD View on Google Map


This two-day course is aimed at research staff, technical staff and students and provides a basic training in standard mouse necropsy, cut-in and processing procedures. It includes video footage, demonstrations and practical sessions presented by experienced technicians.

Mouse Necropsy (Day 1):
Day 1 covers the approach for the dissection and collection of 40 tissues (including the male and female reproductive tracts). Additional course content include interactive group discussion regarding gross pathology findings, emergency opening procedures and a Q&A session.

Mouse Tissue Cut-in & Processing (Day 2):
Day 2 covers considerations for the treatment of tissues collected at necropsy, some of the routinely used solutions and the cutting in of tissues in preparation for histological processing and embedding.


The learning outcomes from this course are:

  • • To perform a basic standard mouse necropsy
    • To describe gross observations at necropsy
    • To gain an understanding of the rapid ‘emergency’ opening
    • To be able to select suitable tissues for histology and further analysis
    • To perform a standard cut-in



Mouse necropsy practical training course30 September 2019 09:30-16:00


• Lunch and refreshments will be provided, please inform us of any dietary requirements well in advance
• Please wear suitable closed toe footwear and bring any prescription safety glasses if required
• As part of this training course, the MRC wish to offer a tour of our Animal facility. Tours will take place after the course finishes at 16:00 and take approximately an hour.
• Barrier restrictions apply to certain areas in case of contact with rodents within preceding 48 hour period.
• Allergies to rodents or latex may limit participation in the tour of facilities and / or the practical components of this course.

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