Maths subject knowledge: proportional reasoning NE204 / D18

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1 Jul 19
4 Weeks


This course has online mentor support between 15 July - 2 August 2019

Proportional reasoning, and the use of ratios, is required across different areas of the mathematics curriculum. It is essential to many areas of science and technology and is used in a range of real-world situations in both life and work.

On this self-paced, online subject knowledge course, we explore a number of different mathematical strategies to enable you to solve proportional reasoning problems. Discover how seemingly unrelated mathematical problems are related to the same underlying structure. Understand how being fluent in the ideas of proportional reasoning opens the door to a deeper understanding of the rules and procedures involved, and how these methods work.

By participating in this online course you will discover multiplicative reasoning strategies, links between ratio and proportion and the ability to scale things up and to scale things down.

This course is aimed at:

  • new teachers, student teachers or people just about to start their teaching career who are interested in increasing their mathematical subject knowledge
  • inexperienced teachers of mathematics for whom mathematics was not a major part of their degree
  • non-specialist teachers of mathematics whose expertise lies elsewhere
  • teachers of science
  • teachers of technology, engineering and other related subjects
  • parents wishing to support their children

This course runs four times a year and is available to start throughout the year directly on FutureLearn. This course has online mentor support for each run (see FutureLearn for specific dates) and two recorded question and answer sessions per year available through the community group.

The join button above will redirect to Futurelearn who will deal with registration and payment.


You will be able to:

  • identify problems that can be solved using proportional reasoning
  • solve problems of scaling up and scaling down using the unitary method
  • solve problems of ratio with two and three quantities
  • apply proportional reasoning to conversion and compound measure problems
  • apply proportional reasoning to scaling of area and volume



State-funded school or collegeActivity fee£32.00 +VAT
Fee-paying school or college (independent)Activity fee£32.00 +VAT


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