Maths subject knowledge: fractions, decimals and percentages NE205 / A19

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4 Nov 19
6 Weeks
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When asked which topic in maths do students find difficult, and which topic is most difficult to teach, often teachers will reply “fractions”.

Fractions, decimals and percentages are introduced to students early in the curriculum, and remain a major focus until the end of secondary school.

The new key stage 3 and GCSE mathematics specifications all refer to mathematics as being a highly connected subject. In reality, many topics in mathematics are taught in isolation, with little or no reference to links within other topics in the curriculum.

In this course, we not only tackle why students find fractions difficult but also consider approaches to teaching fractions to alleviate these problems. We will address connections by approaching fractions, decimals and percentages as three interconnected topics.

This course is aimed at:

  • new teachers, student teachers or people just about to start their teaching career who are interested in increasing their mathematical subject knowledge
  • inexperienced teachers of mathematics for whom mathematics was not a major part of their degree
  • non-specialist teachers of mathematics whose expertise lies elsewhere
  • teachers of science
  • teachers of technology, engineering and other related subjects
  • parents wishing to support their children

This course will run on the FutureLearn platform. Payment for this course is taken by FutureLearn. You may register your interest above and we will notify you when the course is available for enrollment.


By the end of this subject knowledge course you will be able to:

  • identify why students find the concept of fractions demanding
  • develop strategies to enable students to demonstrate their understanding, and use, of fractions
  • explore the links between fractions, decimals and percentages and become fluent in their application in differing contexts
  • demonstrate an understanding of the mathematical structure- not just teach the ‘tricks’
  • solve mathematical problems in context



State-funded school or collegeActivity fee£52.00 +VAT
Fee-paying school or college (independent)Activity fee£52.00 +VAT


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