Primary science conference: Building science capital - engaging children through practical science RD124 / L04

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29 Mar 19
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Building Science Capital: engaging children through practical science



The Science Capital Teaching Approach, Dr Spela Godec, UCL Institute of Education

The Science Capital Teaching Approach is designed to support teachers in helping students find more meaning and relevance in science and, as a result, engage more with the subject. Spela will explain what is meant by science capital, why student engagement with science can vary, and how primary teachers can make a difference in their own classrooms.


The service you always had but never really knew how to use, Jason Harding, CLEAPSS

CLEAPSS are the people who ensure that you and your children are able to undertake the practical work that you want to do. They provide schools with advice about how to safely manage activities that you may otherwise avoid and inspiration for activities you never even thought of. During this talk Jason will explain what CLEAPSS does for you, and how to access their resources.


Workshops - two sessions, choose on the day from:

  • CLEAPSS primary practical workshop,  Jason Harding, CLEAPPS.  Develop children’s practical science skills using tried and tested investigations.  This workshop is a series of hands on practical activities that showcase how CLEAPSS resources and guidance work to support you and your teaching. By the end of this workshop you will have tried a series of science practical activities and found out how to deliver them back in your classrooms.
  • Looking for Learning, Robin James PSTT fellow & Teacher. Develop children’s working scientifically skills by encouraging primary pupils to reflect on their practical science activities and peer assess using short self-made films of their science investigations.
  • Practical Science in Action, Jeremy Thomas, Practical Action. Enhance pupil’s understanding of the utility and application of science skills and knowledge by providing ‘real world’ challenges that can be solved by practical investigations.  This workshop will showcase Practical Action’s FREE cross-curricular teaching resources which will help you deliver the science, DT and geography curriculum within a ‘real world’ context.
  • Teacher Assessment in Primary Science, Dr Alison Trew, PSTT Fellow & Area Mentor. Find out how you can assess practical science and conceptual understanding of science processes in a meaningful, reliable and manageable way.  This workshop will explore resources and strategies that are freely available to support teachers with formative and summative assessment:  TAPS, PLAN, Bright Ideas, Explorify & Floor Books.   



Please see specific entries for exact outcomes for the conference you are interested in, there will be the opportunity to:

  • discuss current good practice in primary science
  • recognise your own good practice, and identify areas for development
  • reflect on ways to translate ideas to your school context, and plan for action 


Primary Science CPD Conference29 March 201909:00-15:30Venue address



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State-funded school or collegeActivity fee£85.00 +VAT
Fee-paying school or college (independent)Activity fee£140.00 +VAT

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For courses at the National STEM Learning Centre in York, fees include meals and accommodation for the duration of the course. 


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