Student Digital Ambassadors - engaging more people in supporting schools embedding STEM

The "+" in "iSTEM+" includes engaging with more people.  Many secondary schools have started this term without a clear strategy for how to use their share of the 1 million micro:bits distributed free for all 11-year olds last term.  Bay House School, Gosport and Park House School, Newbury are piloting a new scheme to  involve groups of enthusiastic students in Years 8-13 to work with STEM subject teachers to design inspiring cross-curricular projects for the Year 7/8 pupils who already have micro:bits allocated to them.  These Student Digital Ambassadors are being equipped with the necessary kit and supported by local experts such as IET volunteers, STEM Ambassadors, Enterprise Advisers and staff/students from local HE.  They will help younger students in their own school, as well as in local primary schools, with STEM projects.  These include groups entering model rocket cars for the current Race To The Line challenge.  Some of these groups will also participate in the Erasmus KIKS project described by Tony Houghton.  It would be great if more schools could join in and share information.  More details in the attached file. 


Subject(s)Computing, Cross curricular, Design and technology, Mathematics, Science
Age7-11, 11-14, 14-16, 16-19
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Adrian Oldknow

For those planning to start an SDA scheme this term there is a file posted here with ideas for an introductory session on developing activities and resources for the micro:bit to support cross-curricular STEM approaches at KS3.  

Adrian Oldknow

The current Bloodhound SSC `Race For The Line' competition has proved an excellent vehicle for the Park House SDAs in Newbury to inspire Year 5 students from the nearby Falkland Primary School.  Both schools qualified for the Regional finals held at MoD Corsham recently, and the RAM team from Park House have qualified for the National Final in June.