Modelling micro:bit data with the Bitty Data Logger App

I have just posted a new resource here.  The new versions of the Bitty Data Logger Apps for Android and Apple now capture data from the accelerometers, magnetometers and temperature sensors, and have improved support for pairing and Bluetooth connections.  The article I have just posted shows how accelerometer data captured from a micro:bit can be merged with position data captured from a video clip of an experiment in the spreadsheet view of the free GeoGebra software.  The results show a very good match between accelerations, displacements and numerical estimates of velocities for a simple spring-mass experiment.  This opens up an exciting range of possibilities for low cost and robust data-capture for dynamic experiments.  It should also be relatively simple to attach an IR sensor to the micro:bit so that displacements can be sensed directly.  I very much hope interested readers will share their results, experiments and ideas in this group.     


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