KIKS: Kids Inspiring Kids in STEAM

A great opportunity for iSTEM+ is our EU-funded Erasmus+ project called KIKS: Kids Inspiring Kids in STEM with (currently) Spain, Finland, Hungary and UK. This project is currently underway and we are now inviting a second wave of schools, individuals and other to join anytime! A recent presentation of the UK KIKS work is here.

The KIKS objective is to get ‘kids’ developing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths) activities for other kids in a European physical (in­country local Hothousing workshops) and virtual (working internationally on­line) community. 

This has two aspects:

o STEAM content and materials per se

o Associated communication, collaboration and dissemination leveraging students’ expertise in social media

Many children, and their parents and teachers, do not enjoy or have confidence in maths and STEM: they have anxiety even math/technophobia and drop it as soon as they can. So WHO BETTER than to ask those more and/or able students to develop STEAM popularisation projects and deliver them to the less confident student audiences in the participating countries.

The challenge is: How would you get your schoolmates to LOVE STEAM?

Contact me if interested:-)!





Age7-11, 11-14, 14-16
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Stephen Powley


Definitely interested in this. I'm IET Schools Liaison Officer for Derbyshire. We've been doing a lot with STEM in collaboration with The Silk Mill, Derby

Also very keen to incorporate languages into STEM work, so the ERASMUS connection is interesting. I have been involved with this project:



Adrian Oldknow

Many thanks for this, Stephen

Lovely brochure about the Derby Silk Mill.

My ancestor is Samuel Oldknow who was lent £3k by Arkwright to build his cotton mills!  I have just found that he has his own website.

All best wishes


Stephen Powley

Hi Adrian,

What an interesting coincidence. Obviously a long history of STEM pioneers in the family! They're doing wonderful things at the Silk Mill, maybe Marple & Mellor next!




Hi Stephen,

We're starting a new phase of KIKS soon and would be delighted to have you onboard!

Should you be interested here is my email (NB I am iunfamiliar with and have had problems accessing the site so I didnt see you entry).

and the KIKS site - you can ask to be invited to on:

Look forward to hearing from you!

Cheers Tony


In the KIKS EU ERASMUS+ Programme we are using Student Digital Advisors currently in two flavours: BBC Micro:bits and iSTEM+