Translation Engineering for STEM

STEM CLUBS. Dear people. A couple of years ago I learned that young people from Japan passionate about videogame design created a new career called "Reverse Engineering", also called "Retro-Ingeneering". These talented young people propelled a new vision in Engineering. They came up with a very interesting idea, studying and researching computers and programming, from hardware to software, as if we were traveling backwards. Without them knowing, this "reverse trip" in technology inspired me in the design of another new Engineering that I have baptized as: Translation Engineering. I realized that it was time to look for new paths to renovate the Engineering camps, not only as a technique but as a science and art as well. We can unite all fields of knowledge through two fundamental tools: Mathematics and Translation. In me From the most remote antiquity the human being discovered that Mathematics was a reality present in all of Nature and that it also presented many wonderful qualities. Over time we realized that Mathematics had the privilege of uniting all knowledge. In spite of how abstract this science could be, there is a common core, which she can point out to us and we apply. As a second big step we will discover the advantages of studying the wonderful possibilities of the Art of Translation. A new path to a new Engineering. I would like very much not only to teach all of you this new path in Engineering, but also to exchange opinions, suggestions and finally all kinds of contributions that you want to make, sharing among all all the activities of a pleasant and recreational club. Feel free to do it. Welcome. Many greetings. Prof Eng Carlos Alberto Garay.


Subject(s)Careers, Computing, Effective use of tools, Safety & Security, Design & Development, Design and technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Science
Age7-11, 11-14, 14-16, 16-19
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Jo Mitchell

Thank you for your post, would it be possible to post an English version of the document?

Thank you.