Hello. I have been tasked with organising a STEM day at my junior school and I genuinely have no idea where to start! I run a STEM club once a week which sometimes has an ongoing theme (eg fingerprints from the CREST awards - we made a whole topic out of them) and sometimes one off activities. However, organising a whole day for the entire school is somewhat daunting! Any tips or advice? Many thanks. 


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Hello, we've just organised a very successful STEM Fair at a school in Thatcham. My advice would be first to send out an email to all the parents to see if there are any stem ambassadors and then I have a list of companies that I contacted that I'm happy to send you :-)


V Harrington

Thank you. I've contacted Winchester Science Museum and applied for ambassador support. :) 


Depending on the date for the day, the competition deadline may have passed, but there are some good resources about inventions and inventing things on the Intellectual Property Office (Patent Office) website:  You could do a stand alone STEM day on inventing?

Maybe you could pick a theme - e.g. transport, do a bit of a talk about inventions and patents and why coming up with new ideas is important (most of the slides are already done for you on the website) and get the kids to then invent a new form of transport that is super green and will thus save the planet (topical!).

You could give different years different sub-themes - e.g. "on water", "on land", " in the air" and then do some kind of dragons den judging thing at the end - maybe using teachers from each year to judge their class/year and then have the best two from each year doing it infront of a small panel (and the kids) and you then pick the best?  Do some certificates etc. for the winners etc.etc.?

Transport was just one idea, you could do something else.  If you were to do transport it fits in nicely with the "Grand Challenges" facing our country/planet in future too ( and also climate change etc.

V Harrington

That's really helpful, thank-you. I love the idea of a day of inventing!


Excellent idea - will look at in more detail for our next sciecne fair.

Have you tried getting in touch with the STEM network lead for your area (teacher consultants for the Royal Academy of Engineering). I will send a message to the ones I know and see if I can get a number for you to call them on. They may be able to help/ support you.


V Harrington

Thank you. I have contacted STEM Now at Winchester.

Jo Mitchell

You could think about running and environment or climate change type day, getting the pupils to look at various topics and seeing how they could help the school to reduce waste, use less electricity etc. You could link it to the Climate Detectives activities from ESA

ESERO-UK has some great ideas for space themed activities and have also produced a booklet to help plan space themed weeks, you could take the ideas and select those that work for your STEM day, and the resources include Mission X and James Webb Space Telescope resources for primary schools.  

The STEM Clubs themed activity sets provide lots of inspiration and each collection lasts for 6 to 8 hours, they are age and ability differentiated and cover topics guaranteed to excite young minds. The most recent sets for 7-9 Animal Adaptions looks at how animals have adapted to cope with all sorts of conditions. Exploring travel, camouflage and life in challenging settings, and the way humans can learn from animals. The 9-11 set Future World looks at what we wear to how we get our energy. Many of the activities could contribute toward becoming an Eco School. The activities could be adapted down for younger pupils or find some complimentary activities form the e-library or have older pupils mentor the younger ones. you'll find lots of inspiration.

CREST Awards and the Royal Academy of Engineering will have some useful ideas as well.

As one of the earlier comments suggests, look to engage parents and STEM Ambassadors as it can really lift the entire day into a community day and can open doors to other exciting opportunities.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Jo Mitchell – STEM Enrichment Coordinator

STEM Learning

V Harrington

Thank you for your suggestions. Much appreciated. 

Mike at UK STEM

I would  suggest decide on the intended outcomes for each group  of children - i'm guessing showing science and maths in context, global awareness and careers maybe. See if Southampton Uni can help with any ambassadors they may have a big centrepiece activity or show they can do or they may have activities they can run. I like the themed idea - Absolute Zero (how we;ll change by 2050), or conservation or explorer or flight etc.

Maybe choose an award scheme to link ito such as our Global STEM Award or the BSA CREST award.

V Harrington

Thank you. Some really helpful ideas. 


As someone who works in the STEM Ambassador Hubs, I would suggest creating yourself a teacher account on here and placing advertising an activity.  Your local hub will be able to help you lots once you do have an account.

V Harrington

Great, thank you. 


I am science teacher and supervisor of stem club at our school .I want to learn stem online and get some stem certificates can you guide me
Best regards


Have you tried getting in touch with the STEM network lead for your area (teacher consultants for the Royal Academy of Engineering). I will send a message to the ones I know and see if I can get a number for you to call them on. They may be able to help/ support you.