Something to Help study during COVID-19

Hi Guys, 

I am currently at uni and having to study online i have tried a few maths online study groups and interactive sessions however they weren't very good. However someone within that group said i should try ProPrep (It's an online STEM studying website) It's also free.

I have found it very useful and thought i should share this with teachers, students etc. I just put my name and email in and then i was able to access all the content. If are looking to sign up use the affiliate code James, they are giving away Amazon vouchers for people who give out the code (FYI it's worth signing up then making your own code just for that). The link to sign up is 


Subject(s)STEM Clubs, Mathematics
Age16-19, FE/HE
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Jo Mitchell

Hi James

Can you confrm if ProPrep is available to support UK schools as the website is unclear and i looked up a school and it wasn't recognised.