We have just joined the group and wanted to explain CECATS. It is a registered charity and stands for the Cumbria Education Centre for Advanced Technology and Science and we have developed a programme we hope to deliver to primary schools in Cumbria to engage more young people in STEM activities, supporting particularly the primary teachers with CPD, training, equipment and materials and encouraging them to support activities such as STEM Clubs and competitions. There have been two CECATS STEAM days run at Casterton School looking at the maths, chemisrty and DT that gets a rocket into space , culminating in the class groups firing them over 100m high from the astro . Great fun and great learning. If anyone is involved in anything simialr or has experience of working with VR/AR, 3D printing, laser cutting and Microbits with Primary scholls we would love to hear from you.    

https://twitter.com/CECATS_UK    FOR VIDEO OF STEAM DAY                @CECATS_UK          WWW.CECATS.ORG


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Hi CECATS, welcome to STEM Clubs.  Do you have any advice you can share with other clubs about rocketry projects, particularly for the primay age group as this is an area a lot of clubs have an interest in? Do you use a water propulsion method?


No we use real rocket propulsion motors and kits which can be bought from the good modelling shops  on line. It forms part of a STEAM day  run by CECATS at Casterton School looking at the chemistry and physics  of the explosive propulsion, the mathematics of calculating heights and angles of ascent followed by the building,  creative design and finally the firing of the rocket!

We are working on supporting the primary schools to increase young pupils science capital with multiple STEM interactions, this is one part of it but ties in with other schemes in Cumbria such as the First Lego league, The Barrow Engineering Project, and C-STEM's robtic and coding days.




That is really great to know, I think most people understand thow the water rockets system works, but, you have taken rocketry in primary schools to a whole new level!

Linking it to other activities that help the pupils understand propulsion and its context, showing them the real science behind it - well done.

I don't suppose you have any photos or video clips you can share?



Yes here is a short video clip of St Cuthberts Windermere  who came to one of our STEAM days at Casterton  Sedbergh Prep School. 

By the way 100% success rate with the rocket launches! They go to around 100m so needs to be done on a field or astro with plenty of space for the parachutes to bring the rockets back down !!


Hope the link  works



Thanks for sharing, it looks like the pupils have a huge amount of fun whilst learning about rockets and propulsion. It must be really exciting for the pupils when they see their rockets travel 100m or more and a 100% success rate means everyone feels a sense of achievement which is really key  to their enjoyment. Well done!