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Teaching ideas

Please post the resources you have been working on to this area




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Richard Needham

Here is a photo of Ed


Hi Richard

I was wondering if you could remind me how to find the files that we had access to via PDF editor when we were on our course. 

Thank you Diana Dennison 



Richard Needham

Hi Diana

Type the url from your badge into a browser (

You will then be asked for a name and password. These are the name and password that are printed on the back of your badge.

You can then download individual pdf files for each session or you can download all of them in a single zip file. I suggest you download all of them as a single file and then delete the ones you decide are no use to you. Any problems please let me know - there is a time limit

Best wishes, Richard

Jodie_Powell (not verified)

I need resources on social sciences. Would be grateful for sharing!