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The Spanish Government provides a mobility allowance for Spanish secondary school  teachers to cover their travel and boarding expenses (there are no additional costs for the school hosting them) for two weeks, usually in the first term of next school year.

I have been looking forward to the british curriculum since from years ago when they include computer science and some good purposes on it and in fact I started to apply somehow some parts of it. I have been looking for high schools with special interest in this area and I meet your school.

I am engineer and work in the secondary school from 2008 and I have been gradually teach coding with my students from year 9, KS3 to year 11, KS4 nowadays. Computer science teachers works also teaching Design & Technology subject in Spain, since both subjects are considered in the same area.

From my background and work, I am really keen teaching the kids to code, from Scratch to Python, and play with robots from Makey&Makey to Arduino and Raspberry Pi and I would like to share the knowledge with some other people working in this area and trying to enrich the experience of my students with exchange of practice or relationship with some European citizens.

I am really keen on learning how do you teach those areas and exploring the curriculum in the UK. For this reason I would like to ask you for an invitation letter to visit your centre in the next school year taking advantage of the fund of the govern and may be is a good kick off of further collaboration with some eTwinning or Erasmus+ programme if your teacher’s technology team agree.

The invitation letter should be sent to me by e-mail no later than 22 of March.

My secondary school, Institut Banús is located in Cerdanyola del Vallès, small city at 10 min from Barcelona, we have 650 students approx, from ages starting from 12 (year 7 KS3) until 18 years old (A-levels, KS5). Since for years ago we started to teach some classes in English, physical education, music, drama, social science, some elective class as science research, technology and computer science, the last two, the ones I teach.

In case you are interested in inviting me to your school I can provide as much information about me and my centre as you need.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon,


Xavier Cano

Technology at our Institut (secondary school)




Subject(s)Design and technology
Age14-16, 16-19
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