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Welcome to new members from the second run of the FutureLearn AfL course

About 30 people have joined this group since the second run of the AfL course - welcome!

Now that support for the course has ended I've been reviewing how many HPQs got submitted as part of the Peer Review process (which on this second run was spread across Weeks 3 and 4). In all there were 1537 submissions and round 90 of these were shared via the Google Forms. I've just updated the community resource here with the latest downloads.

So we still haven't cracked the problem of sharing all this intellectual effort (a similar number of HPQs were shared via this group in the months after the end of the first run of the AfL course).

Computing teachers amongst you may be interested in Project Quantum;  this also proposes a crowd-sourced approach to diagnostic question sharing using the DQ platform. Apparently DQ has gained traction amongst secondary maths teachers.

It would interesting to hear what you think of the Project Quantum approach and any experiences you have of the DQ platform. Is this something that the third run of the free online AfL course (which will run again starting 31st October 2016 - so tell colleagues to head for should embrace?


Paul Browning






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