HPQ:Physics:KS4:Heat transfer:Camilla Leslie


Which of these colours choices  would not work in terms of heat transfer?

A Wearing a black coat on a cold dull day

B Wearing a white shirt on hot sunny day

C Having a silver electric kettle

D Answers A,B & C would all work


A is the correct answer.

I would get students who got this correct to apply their ideas on heat transfer to other unfamiliar situations.   Students who thought B & D would do practical work on absorption and students who thought C would do practical work on emission.



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Claire Phillips

Hi, Thanks for this question + activites!  I am going to use this in my KS3 heating and cooling lesson


This is a good demo for heat transfer:  http://www.nationalstemcentre.org.uk/elibrary/resource/2694/ice-melting-blocks-demonstration

Simon Quinnell, from the National Science Learning Centre, investigates the way different materials conduct heat using conductivity blocks and ice cubes. The video shows how the ice cubes melt at different rates depending on the thermal conductivity of the materials they are sitting on. Simon explains how this experiment can be used in the school laboratory, what students should observe and the reasons for the unexpected results.