Space - Stargazing LIVE and more

If you watched BBC Stargazing LIVE last night, you may have seen their piece about the James Webb Space Telescope.  They showed one of the big mirrors arriving at JPL in the US.  What they failed to mention was that the key detector on the telescope, the Mid Infra Red Instrument (MIRI) was designed and made in the UK.  ESERO and the National Science Learning Centre have a course based around the JWST as a context for teaching STEM subjects.  The first part of the course runs at the Royal Edinburgh Observatory, where they developed the MIRI.  It's fully funded - if you want to find out more click here.

If the Stargazing bug has got you - then we have free course - Discover the Cosmos - coming up in early February.  It's run by Professor Paul Roche from Glamorgan University.

The regional Science Learning Centres also have Astrophysics courses running throughout the UK. 

The Open University have recently published some videos, narrated by comedian David Mitchell, called 60 Second Adventures in Astronomy.  They would make good intros to a discussion in class - you can access them here .

To find out more about the BBCs resources and the zooniverse project, read my recent news item


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