Programme for distanced learning activities, teacher resources, quizzes etc?


I'm posting this on primary and secondary as it is a question on behalf of a middle school; KS2 and 3.  Hoping you can help!

They are looking for a programme that students can access for distanced learning activities, teacher resources, quizzes etc.  They are moving away from Active Learn and would like one that aligns to be followed by AQA GCSE.

Does anyone have experience of others, and what are the pros / cons of them?  Many thanks in advance, Louise


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Have you had a look at Mastery Science.

They are developing approaches for blended learning based on Rosenshine's principles.  I like the approach they use for designing a curriculum from KS3 to Ks4.

For quizzes etc.

You can use the community quizzes or make your own.

The program takes your questions and answers and makes them into flash cards that pupils can revise before they take the quiz.  You can use it in class (with phones, iPads etc . or at home.

0r if you have your own programme of study- Pear deck- take your own PowerPoints and make them interactive.


For secondary you can also look at the excellent CoreSciences 

which has fully interactive routines for all Required Practicals, teaching resources, games and other activities and is perfect for distance learning as well as teaching in-class. 

They currently have very low cost school subscription plans and in some cases free subscriptions too.

Louise Maule

Thank you for these suggestions - really valuable.  I shall forward them to the school that were asking.