Enterprising Science Teacher Conference: Science Capital

The UCL Institute of Education is pleased to announce the Enterprising Science Teacher Conference, National STEM Learning Centre, York, on Friday 13 October 2017 to mark the launch of the Science Capital Teaching Approach pack for secondary science teachers. Enterprising Science teachers and staff will be presenting the approach, sharing their experience of trying it with students, and exchanging tips for putting it in practice.   Participants will receive copies of the Science Capital Teaching Approach pack and take part in science capital activities for the classroom.


Are you keen on engaging more students with science? Do you want to make your lessons more inclusive? Could a focus on students’ ‘science capital’ be the answer? Join the Enterprising Science Teacher Conference to find out. Some students struggle to see science as relevant to their lives and as something that is ‘for them’. As many teachers know, this limits their participation and makes engagement with science difficult.


This conference follows four years’ research on science capital in the classroom and its potential to unlock the riddle of student engagement with science. The Enterprising Science project (2012-2017), led by Prof. Louise Archer and her research team, partnered with teachers across England to develop and trial the Science Capital Teaching Approach that builds on students’ own personal interests and diverse experience. The approach is designed to support inclusion and student equitable student participation.


Participants will:

• hear from and interact with partner teachers and academic researchers about the Science Capital Teaching Approach

• receive copies of the Science Capital Teacher Pack for them and their school

• have a go at science capital building activities, such as tweaking lesson plans and monitoring impact


Who is it for:

• secondary science teachers &heads of science departments

• ITE providers

• CPD delivery organisations


Date and location: Friday 13 October 2017, 10-5pm, National STEM Learning Centre, York


To book please go to: https://www.stem.org.uk/cpd/416895/enterprising-science-teacher-conference.

ENTHUSE bursaries available. Enterprising Science is a partnership between UCL Institute of Education, King’s College London and the Science Museum, funded by BP


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This looks superb though way too far for me to travel from Dorset. Any chance of a course in London or somewhere South as well? Karen