ENTHUSE Celebration Awards

I am posting to encourage you all to apply for the 2017 ENTHUSE Celebration Awards. These are open to all UK-based teachers, technicians, schools and colleges.

The ENTHUSE Celebration Awards are presented each year to recognise the impact that UK teachers, technicians and support staff have on their students, colleagues, schools, colleges and peers, as a result of professional development.

To qualify you need to have done the equivalent of five days CPD, with at least one day of this through the National STEM Learning Network, be that here in York, in your local region with a Science Learning Partnership, or through our partners in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We have simplified the process from 2016 and you now submit your application quickly and easily through: http://www.stem.org.uk/enthuse-celebration-awards

It's just as easy to nominate your colleagues, school or college and it is all done through the same form. So if you know  someone amazing, this is an opportunity to recognise their hard work and how CPD has improved their practice.

There are regional awards events in April in London, Manchester, Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff and the winners at each of these events will be invited to a dinner at the House of Commons.

Share your success and celebrate your achievement. Apply for the ENTHUSE Celebration Awards.


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