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HEaTED NNATs Event Leeds College of Art - 15th June 2016

What a brilliant day!

I very much enjoyed meeting everyone and wanted to set up a discussion topic for those who attended this first NNATs event. Many of you indicated you would like to keep in touch and continue discussions, this is the place to do that.

Please also take a look through the other topics in this group and start supporting each other.

If you add a picture and biography to your profile it will make it easier to recognise each other and build on the relationships that were initiated today (I have set my own profile up as an example if you're not sure where to start).

Photos and presentations from the day will also be posted here. Anyone interested in being involved in the development of a professional register for Arts Technicians or writing a blog for HEaTED about this event please comment below or contact me directly.

Many thanks again to the Leeds College of Art for hosting, showing us their great facility and their student exhibitions.

I look forward to seeing you all at Salford MediaCityUK on the 5th September for our next NNATs event or at other HEaTED network events running in your own regions.


Subject(s)Creative arts and media


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daniel.jagger@a... (not verified)

Thank you Katherine and Leeds College of Art for a great event! Looking forward to meeting up again in September! 

Happy to assist with the blog and professional registration – just let me know what I can do! All the best, Dan.

Taz Lovejoy (not verified)

A big thanks to all involved with yesterdays event, it was great to meet so many like minded people and start to make some connections. Thanks to those of you leading all the tours too, it was really interesting to see the spaces, facilities and work of your students. 

Count me in for discussions surrounding professional registrations. I look forward to seeing you all again sometime soon and hopefully my Digital Arts Technicians will be joining you all for the next event in Manchester. 

Michael Walker

Thanks Katherine and everybody a very enjoyable day .Not directly involved in Arts .My background Electronics/Computer Science but very interesting to see different materials/media being used. Loved the degree show such amazing work and contemporary techniques may pop in  at weekend to buy some ceramics if anything left :D


Android (not verified)

Hi Katherine and fellow techies,  just wanted to reiterate what Taz and others are saying. It was a great day that prooved invaluable for me in terms of having chance to talk to other technicians and compare best practice etc. It was also good to hear about the opportnities for Technicians  to become fellows etc, all very intereesting stuff.  Very much enjoyed the  tour of  the Degree shows and saw some excellent work.

Anyway looking forward  to exchanging  some  ideas and  thoughts on being a technician. Thanks once again,  Yours, theirs and everybodies

Andy J


John Ayers (not verified)

Thank you all for a great day.

Its always useful to share experiences and make connections with colleagues at other institutions. 

Count me in for looking at professional registration. 

Looking forward to seeing you all again - on here and at the next meeting. 

All the best,