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Please feel free to add any resources that you think are useful for extended research projects in STEM-related topics. They could be materials which are specific to STEM subjects or which cover more general aspects of research. This is very much a community project and sharing your recommendations and experiences will enrich it for everyone.

You can also comment on existing resources, ask the group questions and join discussions. We'd love to know which resources you find most useful.


Adding a resource:

Check whether your resource fits within an existing topic. If it does, 'reply' to that topic and leave a message that includes a description and a URL (in the case of online resources). You can attach documents containing your own resources by clicking 'Add file'.

If your resource doesn't fit into an existing topic, you can create a new resource category by starting a new topic.


Starting a new topic:

Simply click the ‘Add a new topic’ button. If you can’t find this button, click on the ‘Topics’ tab just below the group description, which should return you to the group’s landing page where the button should be displayed.

If you are starting a topic for a new type of resource, please use your first post to explain what kind of resource it is intended for. You can then add resources to this topic by replying to this first post.


Starting a new discussion:

If you'd like to begin a new conversation, create a new topic as described above.


Email preferences:

You can change the email alerts that you receive at any point by logging into the group and selecting 'Preferences' in the right hand menu. If you want to hear about new contributions, you may wish to set your preferences to 'as they happen' or 'weekly batches'.


Contacting the group administrator:

You can either leave a message on the group’s ‘Feedback’ topic thread or contact the group administrator at


About the group administrator:

This group has been created by the Wellcome Trust, working with the National STEM Centre, teachers and other organisations involved in science education. It is administrated by the Education and Learning Team at the Wellcome Trust.

We would love to hear what you think about the group and your ideas about how else STEM-related extended projects, particularly practical projects, could be supported. You can use the ‘Feedback’ topic thread or contact us directly using the email address above.

If you would like to find out more about our education work, you can sign-up to receive our newsletter, follow us on Twitter (@wteducation) or visit our website.


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