What to call a STEM club?

I am setting up a STEM club in September and would like a catchy fun name, any suggestions?


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Sorry we are a bit dull and ours is just called STEM club. What about calling it The Investigators ? 

Mike Anderson

No help with the name, but you might find the guide below on setting up a club helpful!



Depending on the year of the students, here are some fun names I thought of:

The secret society of future philosophers;

Little Einstein’s;

The Club of Tomorrow;

STEM Ahead!


I called my STEM club 'The Curiosity Club'.



Rachel Collins ...

Hi Helen

In case it helps you, we also have a STEM Clubs Community Group here: https://www.stem.org.uk/community/groups/393345/stem-clubs

Check out our STEM club support and resources to help you get your club started: https://www.stem.org.uk/stem-clubs

Good luck with it.

Rachel Collins

STEM Club Project Officer

STEM Learning