A simple way to take part in the Great Science Share tomorrow, or any time!

Tomorrow, 5th July, is the schools' highlight day of the Great Science Share - a day when children are encouraged to share science with others. You can take part wherever you are, and does not need to be on 5th July, if you can't fit it in! 

Great Science Share has teamed up with Sharing Nature, part of an exhibition by Wellcome Collection (part of Wellcome Trust) that looks at what a modern museum of nature might look like. The current exhibition is nothing like a  traditional museum as all the objects  have been donated by the public (including the presenters of BBC Springwatch). You and your class can take part too by sharing your ideas using social media or uploading on to the website. 

The theme is RELATIONSHIPS. How does your class relate to nature? Is there a favourite place in the school grounds or nearby? Is there a project  that's sparked their imagination? What do they think nature is? 

You can see what other  people have posted by searching for the hashtag #SharingNature17 or you can browse submissons for ideas. But do get talking and discussing and share an image (photo, drawing, art, anything!) with both hashtags #GSShare17 AND #SharingNature17 and let's show everyone what children think. If you upload an image to the SharingNature website your class can explain why they have chosen their image.  Do take part if you can - let's see if we can get children's views out there!Sharing Nature


Age5-7, 7-11
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