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As NQT (primary) I was told to give pupils the same assessment level in science that they had in maths. Since then I have found that many professionals see a link between science and maths ability, and I want to research this further. The Primary Science Teaching Trust is part funding my study and it would be great if you could take part using the link below. It’s a very short online questionnaire.

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Age4-5, 5-7
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Happy to do the questionnaire.

Terrible over simplification to say Maths and Science ability are similar. Very different range of skills and obviously very different knowledge. Too many schools arrange science groups on Maths ability (or even English!). Most able scientists are often not high ability in Maths (and definitely not English). In my experience (30+ years) the best scientists have well-developed intellectual ability (thinkers) which is very different to academic ability.


I agree with JNC Ed it is very frustrating when schools just use a maths or English grade as the science grade. Our school teaches science as a discreet subject which allows us to give a science grade. 

Sadly not all schools have the same luxury as us and not always having science specialists to teach I feel that they take the fallback option of using the English or maths data rather than adding to workload and assessing the science separately.