Primary Mathematics - A Sense of Number

How many children know their times tables? Are they all secure with number bonds? Does everyone in your class understand place value? Even children who appear to understand the basics of number, when faced with a more difficult challenge will flounder.

In my blog I consider the use of an abacus or Soroban in mathematics and how it could be used to support the teaching of number at primary level. Can it help give children a sense of number before moving onto more complicated calculations?

Has anyone any experience of using a Soroban or any type of abacus in their numeracy lessons? Please let us know about your experiences.

Here is a list of resources to support the teaching and learning of number from Early Years to KS2 including links to websites mentioned in my blog.


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A resource that in my teaching experience covers number bonds, place value and times tables all on the one board is a numeracy 3in1 mathsboard - connecting and linking, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The grid enables the demonstrating, modelling and importantly practising of these and many other essential mathematical concepts. A solid foundation in the Early Years is essential and this board can be used throughout the Primary years by children, teachers and parents too.