Free National Invention challenge and activity

Hi I am part of Kids Invent Stuff, a project aimed to get more primary aged children being inventive and learning about STEM. It is an online based project with a youtube channel. We think that primary aged children can be introduced the STEM and STEAM by being inventors. Each month we set a different challenge and 5-11 year olds can submit their invention ideas as pictures and videos (at and then Shawn and I (we are Engineers/Inventors) choose an invention to bring to life and test. We have made Flaming Pianos, Crazy Cars and Jam Firing Rockets. For our currently challenge we are looking for Superhero and Supervillian gadget inventions. We have a free challenge sheet with an activity- which I've uploaded below and we have done an intro video, featuring some inspiration

You can see us building our crazy car

Then we test it

If you are based in Sheffield/ Chesterfield way or Cornwall and want an invention assembly and classroom invention workshop then feel free to drop me an email



Subject(s)Design and technology, Design skills, Engineering, Practical work, Outside the classroom, Science
Age5-7, 7-11
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Just read this now and think it is amazing! Such a good way to engage children. YouTube is always a winner.


Thank you, yes we have had some amazing feedback from students, teachers and parents.