Audit of Science

Hi, I need to undertake an audit of science at my school and I'm not sure where to start.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Lisa Hobson


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Hey Lisa!

It would be good to know exactly what you are auditing- timetables/ plans/ resources/ progress/ books etc.!

The answer is possibly 'all of the above', in which case, I would suggest compiling some sort of timetable/ action plan for you to look closely at science, but in a manageable way!



 Why not sign up for Primary Science Quality Mark?   It provides a rigorous audit of all aspects of science provision, a brilliant developmental framework to help you to action plan and support from a friendly, knowledgeable hub leader and other teachers in your area doing the same. If you want to talk to other teachers in your area who have done it - let me know.  You can download the criteria from the PSQM website


damian ainscough

Also worth looking here
The questions in 'How to develop great science subject leadership' [PDF] are useful.

There is also likely to be something helpful here and here

As Jane suggests, PSQM would be a great place to go. Lots on the website too.

Good luck!


I was shown this tool for assessing primary science; Teacher Assessment in Primary Science (TAPS) :

You can traffic light each of the statements by clicking on them... or print out and use a paper copy


The link above shows the assessing tool and loads of examples!

Hope this helps




Came here to recommend the Primary Science Quality Mark but see Jane’s beaten me to it!

The process starts with a full and honest look at where your school is currently, and covers everything including teaching, assessment, resources, trips/experiences and engagement with others. Then from there you chose which level of the award to aim for based on your starting point. It’s an intensive process, but you get support from your hub leader and other teachers in your group throughout, and by the end your school will have made improvements all-round and know what to do next to further improve and sustain any changes.

Our school are currently working towards our second PSQM award so I know the process through and through if you’ve got any questions!


Another recommendation for the Primary Science Quality Mark.

It gives you the opportunity to look at each element of science learning, it really supports you as a subject leader and is brilliant for raising the profile of science in school.  

You meet lots of other people in your hub and it is great to be able to build a network of people who are going through the same process as you.

Good luck.



The ASE's Primary Science Leaders' Guide is really compehensive and authoritive. You or your school have to be a member of ASE to access it but that is well worth it for any Science Leader/teacher.