New to teaching D&T?

If you are teacher who is new to teaching D&T, or starting your first teaching position this autumn - why not take advantage of the bursary funded CPD available to you this July?

New to teaching D&T is a 3 day residential designed specifically for those who are new in post. 

Workshop sessions will look at topics such as:

  • assessment for learning, with specific focus on questioning techniques and securing effective feedback from students
  • what should the ideal design and technology curriculum look like and how can we challenge ourselves, students, parents and senior leaders to ensure that the subject has an impact in school or college
  • finding resources and maintaining your support network, both in person and online
  • creating links with industry to support the curriculum and ideas for engaging STEM activities

Practical sessions will cover content on:

  • digital design (CAD) and simulation with KS3 onwards
  • ideas for 3D printing and the Future of Making
  • working with concrete to create designed products
  • teaching food science in secondary
  • teaching electronics and robotics

To find out more or book your place, visit: 


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