Using video as stimulation in mathematics lessons

I saw a great video on you tube the other day. It featured teachers dancing in the background whilst students earnestly gave tips to help year 7 students. It got me thinking about how relatively straight forward it is now to make a simple film. I have used videos from Teachers TV, Numberphile, the Singing Banana and TEDEd for both personal inspiration and for use in lessons. I have also used video in creative ways. For example, I use videos such as those produced by MathsMaster, but without the sound. I ask students to write a commentary for what they have seen, predict what comes next and suggest another example that could be included in the video.

I recently came across the Mathagogy website. It contains a variety of two-minute mathematics videos submitted to the website for all to share. I am very interested to hear from anyone who uses video in a creative fashion in their lessons. Do you ask students to produce their own mathematics video to explain an answer, to explain the process they went through to solve a problem or to explain a mathematical concept to others? If so, share your ideas by replying to this post.


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